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Welcome to Shalini Ayurveda Centre

Shalini centro ayurveda lugano

Shalini Ayurveda Centre is a space created for the care and culture of health. Located in the green of a small village overlooking Lugano, the center is open to those who want to improve their physical and mental condition using treatments and traditional methods of Ayurveda, and to those who dream of a peaceful oasis for mind’ relaxation and body’ stoutness.

Each treatment is carried out by an ayurveda therapist with a large experience over the years, graduated and specialized in Kerala according the ancient practices and guidelines of this discipline.

It includes 8 branches (Chikitsa)

  • Kaya - Internal Medicine
  • Bala - Pediatrics
  • Graha - Psychiatry
  • Urdhvanga - Ent and ophthalmology
  • Salya - Surgery
  • Damstra - Toxicology
  • Jara - Geriatrics
  • Vrsa - Revitalization, cellular rejuvenation (impotence, sterility, sexuality)

According to ayurveda, the human body consists of 3 basic elements called dosha; Vata is the physiological principle of movement and activation; Pitta – is the principle of the digestive transformation, nourishment and the heat of the body; Kapha -is the physiological principle of cellular cohesion, tissues and preservation of the body’ structure, dhatu the 7 tissues and mala (excretions and secretions). The Ayurvedic diagnosis relies on the knowledge of their action and their interaction within the body in order to identify the nature of the imbalance, factor of internal disorders or diseases.

It depends on the seriousness of the patient's disorder. Only after a clinical diagnosis you can estimate the duration and the types of treatments needed, but usually the full effectiveness of the cure can be reached after 21 or 28 days. The preparation of each therapy is complex and requires a certain time (min. 2 hours for most therapies) because involves several ingredients that must be melted and cooked according most accurate ways. It is the commitment of the therapist to use only fresh daily products: only this way it can be reached the fully valid therapeutic effect.

No, they are not aggressive therapies but pleasant and relaxing for the patient. However, there are more radical therapies applied in cases of serious needs, such as Panchakarma. Some of them can be a little intrusive, but functional for an immediate detoxification. Most treatments have also a preventive approach and strengthen the immune system. Certain treatments can be carried out individually because they serve to nourish and to maintain the elasticity of the skin, membranes, blood vessels. The techniques are also useful for the maintaining of the health, others are individualized ones or represent preliminary procedures for Panchakarma.

It is important to know that each Ayurvedic therapy is a tonic free from side effects, subject that they are carried out properly and with the right ingredients. We said that diseases are the result of an imbalance of dosha, dhatu e mala; to this extent the treatment focuses on detoxification and nourishment of the body and the balance’s reset. Starting from the assumption that every person is psychophysical healthy and that the disease represent an index of a decay, it is to try on solving the problem at its roots, where the alteration had its origin.


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